Field trips and museum visits

We love to take Leicestershire YAC on trips to explore our local heritage sites, museums and excavations. With the discovery of King Richard III in Leicester, Leicestershire YAC members have had a unique opportunity to learn about the life and death of England’s last medieval King. In 2012, and again in 2013, we were given exclusive tours of the excavations that found the king and the lost friary where he was buried. We have also had exclusive tours of the University of Leicester’s excavation at the Stibbe site, where we were able to see the largest fragment of Roman mosaic found in Leicester in the last 150 years, as well as excavations at Burrough Hill Iron Age hill fort, Bradgate Park and Oakham Castle.

  • Children looking down from a viewing platform at a Roman mosaic as an archaeologists explains what they can see.
  • Children exploring Oakham Castle.
  • Children dressing up in Iron Age and Roman costume at Harborough Museum.
  • Children getting a site tour of the University of Leicester's excavations at Bradgate Park.
  • Children exploring the mysterious Rushton Triangular Lodge in Northamptonshire.

We believe it is really important to support our local museums and heritage attractions and often work with their staff and volunteers to deliver exciting activities for our members. This has included visits to the Hallaton Treasure gallery at Harborough Museum and the new Egyptian gallery at Leicester Museum, as well as behind the scenes tours of the Record Office and the Leicestershire County Council’s Collections Resources Centre.

Other field trips have taken us to Grace Dieu Priory, Rushton Triangular Lodge, Hough Mill in Swannington, the medieval festival at Bosworth Battlefield and many more places.