Activities and lab work

During nicer weather we like to be outdoors as much as possible. If we’re not doing fieldwork or a field trip we like to do a mix of fun activities covering all sorts of archaeological and historical themes and periods. When its winter we move indoors, often borrowing the laboratories at the University of Leicester’s School of Archaeology and Ancient History.

  • Child paining on paper to create an illuminated medieval manuscripts.
  • Child drawing cave paintings in candle light.
  • Children designing Roman mosaics with ceramic tiles.
  • DNA Lab with Professor Turi King.
  • Child carrying out scientific experiment
  • Children laying out the skeleton of an animal.

Recent activities have included prehistoric cave painting (in the dark in a ‘real’ cave light only by candle light), designing Roman mosaics, making Terracotta Warriors, trying our hand at illuminating medieval manuscripts, map making, artefact drawing and surveying with replica Roman equipment.

We also like to get busy in the lab learning about archaeological science. Our Bone Lab, looking at the University of Leicester’s animal skeleton collection with Professor Richard Thomas, is hugely popular. As is our DNA Lab, which takes a closer look at DNA and how it helps archaeologists understand the past with Professor Turi King (the geneticist who worked on Richard III’s DNA). We run both regularly as well as Lab sessions looking at forensic facial reconstruction, pottery identification, family history and much more.